Project Management: 

Is your business struggling with managing an ever-growing list of projects to meet unique goals and organizational objectives? If your company is like many organizations, you know there are risks associated with managing multiple moving parts. You also know that it can be difficult to manage the scope and budgets – especially with so many competing priorities. Akida Consulting Group recognizes and understands these challenges; we offer the expertise to mobilize your resources, tools, and processes to achieve scope, time, quality and budget deliverables. We are highly skilled in optimizing and integrating all project elements to achieve pre-defined project goals.

Business Process Improvement:

With an organization connected to the needs of the individual business units, you can achieve economies of scale and vastly improve operations. We can help you establish process improvement programs – whether working across the entire organizations or within functional units, to identify gaps in your end-to-end workflow and highlight where inefficiencies exist with your processes, people and technology capabilities. Our team can help your organization identify and understand operational opportunities to drive achievement of key performance indicators. Through a holistic approach to organizational improvement and optimizing the value stream, our clients achieve greater efficiencies and functional improvements to drive an enhanced customer experience.

Strategic Change Management, Communications and Learning & Development: 

With increasing global competition, it is more important than ever for organizations to establish and embrace a culture of continuous change. As enterprises continue to define the strategies and tactical plans for success, so too must they understand the values and behaviors in support of desired outcomes. Akida Consulting Group works with clients to ensure the workforce is engaged and driving a culture of commitment and accountability through the following:

  • Change Management & Communication Strategy & Planning
  • Post-merger implementation planning and Day 1 execution
  • Leadership Alignment and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Change Impact Analysis
  • Change Readiness Assessment
  • Training Strategy and Design
  • eLearning Solutions

We offer clients a comprehensive approach to transitioning organization, teams and individuals to the desired future state.

Human Resource Transformation: 

All too often, HR focuses primarily on the administrative and tactical programs of the department to keep the day to day business running which tends to have lower impact on overall business performance. We help clients to transform the HR function to have a higher impact on the business and increase the ROI by aligning the function to the corporate strategy through the following:

  • Conducting HR Assessments
  • Improving processes and performance metrics
  • Aligning organization structure and service delivery model to the needs of the business
  • Identifying enabling technology needed to drive improved efficiencies
  • Conducting Merger & Acquisition due diligence
  • Post-merger implementation strategic planning and execution

Organization Design and Development:

Organization Design goes beyond the development of the ‘box and wire’ of the organization chart. It should take into consideration both the external and internal vision/mission of the company, how it needs to respond to market demands and fluctuations within its industry, the way in which the company ideally wants to interact with its customer to drive an elevated customer experience. It should also reflect the manner in which the business processes flow efficiently across the entire enterprise and align the right people in the right roles and the work in the right group.

Our Approach, Methodology and Tools:

Leveraging our vast consulting experience and training, we deploy methodologies best suited for the work being performed. We have a vast toolkit of sample deliverables which span the services we provide to minimize the development effort.


Now is the time to assess your organization’s short and long-term priorities and ensure its culture and business objectives are aligned for continued success. With this focus in mind, we can help your organization navigate and pave the way for a more efficient, engaged and profitable organization. We look forward to providing you with unsurpassed levels of strategic advisory and consulting services to enable your organization in meeting the dynamics of your business.

We are not just designing and developing your improvement programs; we are ‘rolling up our sleeves’ alongside our clients to get the job done.

Akida Consulting Group offers the following services to meet the business needs of its clients.